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Pisces comes from the Latin for "fish" and its symbol called a glyph is two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Astrology Through the Ages

Pisces is located in the 12th and final house of the chart, a place of secrets and invisibility, and Neptune is the ruling planet. Neptune rules film, the arts, the ocean, illusion, fantasy, spirituality, the unconscious, visions, confusion, deception, and drugs. Pisces is a water sign of emotion whose more positive qualities are being sensitive, psychic, intuitive, compassionate, sacrificial, creative, spiritual, and sometimes even ethereal.

Jung believed that the progression from Aries to Pisces "encompasses the complete archetypal cycle of human life, from its first appearance as the spark of life to its reimmersion into the cosmic ocean. Neptune as the ruler of oceans and of Pisces brings to mind the commonly held mystical view that we are but drops in the ocean, and it is to the ocean that we will one day return.

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As in most occult philosophies, death is never final but is necessary to sow the seeds for new life. The sign before Pisces, the eleventh sign, is Aquarius, representing the self's recognition of its part in collective humanity, the need for service to mankind, egalitarianism, and a desire for a utopian good The Age of Pisces, with its emphasis on spirituality and compassion, and being a water sign, has been viewed as a time of cleansing for humanity, a spiritual preparation for the Age of Aquarius when the level of the collective unconscious will rise as each person raises their own consciousness, 33 and when man turns from outer wisdom to his own inner wisdom for guidance.

As one astrologer puts it:. The year heralds the beginning of a time when the qualities taught by these masters [Christ and Buddha] and others -- love, altruism, nonattachment, faith, calm, and centeredness -- will be called forth from the general populace. There will not be one spiritual master to lead us from darkness to light Since Jesus is considered a higher spiritual being, an Avatar, by many astrologers, he embodies the highest aspects of Pisces: universal love, compassion, sacrifice, intuition, servanthood, martyrdom, and spirituality.

Jesus represents the birth of non-ego Pisces from ego Aries. Correlations are made between Jesus and the sign of Pisces. Pisces, meaning fish, is a water sign. There is much water and fish symbology in the Bible stories about Jesus, such as Jesus calling fishermen as disciples, being on the sea several times, calming the storm at sea, helping the disciples catch fish, performing miracles in feeding people with fish, walking on water, his baptism in water, and his talk with Nicodemus about being born again by "water and spirit.

Oken says that Jesus' walking on water symbolized that man must rise above "his emotions, fears, and superstitions [the water] in order to be master of himself and thus worthy enough to be a true servant of the God-force. Even in pre-Christian times, the sacred wells of the British Isles were places where the gods and goddesses would be present. The teachings of Jesus express the Piscean values of compassion, universal love and brotherhood. However, last years have not always expressed those concepts in their highest form. The call for the end of individualism and the necessity for blind belief that marks the evolution of the Piscean age has led to the more negative manifestation of Pisces: illusion and delusion.

The famed Dark Ages in western civilization occurred because the ruling Roman Catholic Church wanted to suppress all knowledge and keep their adherents in the literal darkness. At that time the realm of knowledge spread to the Arab world, which is now in its own Dark Age. The date for the end of the Piscean age is in much dispute. As earlier discussed, most would like the Ages to fit into a nice year package which would put us squarely in the beginning of the Aquarian age.

However, astronomical calculations tell us that this is not true, and that the Aquarian age technically will not begin until approximately CE. Regardless, we are in the last decan of Pisces and moving away from the Pisces influence of sacrifice of the individual ego. As the Piscean mists begin to separate, the knowledge and understanding that Aquarius demands is beginning to make itself known. The religion of Christianity is built around the death and resurrection of Jesus, yet for years that very tenet has been in doubt.

The four gospels each tell a completely different story of the end of the life of Jesus, and there are no details of the resurrection. As with much of the Christian story and I mean no offence to Christians here , the story of the resurrection must be taken on faith. Many believe that Jesus and Mary were then spirited out of Jerusalem and taken to Europe where they lived happily ever after. Evidently the collective consciousness is now ready to absorb these ideas and begin to examine the truth that lies behind the faith.

As we enter the Aquarian Age, what will our new gods be?

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Aquarius rules technology and radical thought, invention and ascension. Will our species be similarly transformed over the next years?

We can try to predict the future, but life has a way of evolving in a way that we cannot imagine. Moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The correct answer is that what they had in common was those moving lights in the sky.

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It was about this time when the Old Testament was compiled into its final form. The dating in the Old Testament starts about here and goes back 4, years.


There is another factor which influenced the Bible's narrative motifs. The Chaldeans observed that the timing of the twelve divisions of Zodiac constellation changed every 2, years. It meant that there was a Great Year spanning 25, years. Because of earth's tilt and its large mass at the equator, gravitational forces from the sun, moon and planets cause it to wobble about it center like a spinning top.

The sun's cycle is like the hand of a clock marking the time of the twelve Zodiac constellations. The method for sighting constellations was to mark the zero hour when the sun crossed the equator at the time of the spring equinox. For the last 2, years, the sun as been drifting across Pisces during the spring equinox. Because of the direction of precession, the Great Cycle rotates backwards relative to the sun's monthly Zodiac cycle. Spread out over a period of years, the yearly changes are so subtle, that there is no exact date when these ages crossover.

Generally they align with the time of Jesus, because his solar birth marked the beginning of the Age of Pisces. As explained in Days of Creation , Gemini with its air element represents the Spirit of God moving over the waters in Genesis Gemini is located above the constellation Orion. To the ancient Egyptians, Orion was Osiris, the god of light.

So when God created light, he created Orion. To the Hebrews, light represented God's power.

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The Age of Taurus begins with the creation of Adam and Eve. The serpent was the constellation Serpens. Adam symbolized the constellation Bootes. And Eve was Virgo. They are located in sequence in the zodiac.

When God chased them from the Garden, Virgo fell below the horizon and Perseus with his sword rose above the horizon as if to be chasing them out. Ezekiel's description of cherubim with four faces of a man, lion, ox and eagle define the Age of Taurus because they represent the four cardinal constellations in the Age of Taurus.

Zodiac Ages and Their Presidencies

The Age of Aries the ram starts with Abraham. His original name Abram has "ram" in it.

Instead of sacrificing his son Isaac, he sacrificed a ram instead.