Vyatipata yoga in astrology

In the most advanced phases, it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a Yantra. A Yantra alone represents nothing only when it is awakened by mental concentration and meditation will the process of Resonance appear and the benefic macrocosmic energies will manifest themselves in the practitioner's Microcosm. Yantras are created from various materials ranging from copper, silver, gold, bhojpatra and are even available in three dimensional form. The core of the Yantras is composed of one or several simple geometrical shapes like : dots, lines, triangles, squares, circles, swastika and lotuses etc.

For example the Dot signifies the focalized energy and its intense concentration. The Triangle is the symbol of Shakti, the feminine energy or aspect of Creation. This form symbolically represents the union of Purusha and Prakriti or Shiva-Shakti, without which there could be no creation.

Circle represent the rotation, in the series of the five fundamental elements it represents air.

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The Square is usually the exterior limit of the Yantra and symbolically, it represents the element earth. Swastika represents good luck, welfare, prosperity or spiritual victory. Sometimes we encounter other elements such as arrow points, tridents, swords, spikes included in the design of a Yantra with the purpose of representing vectors and directions of action for the Yantric energies.

These yantras are often made on a particular date and time according to procedures defined in the vedas. The intersection of two geometric forms represents forces that are even more intense than those generated by the simple forms. Such an interpenetration indicates a high level in the dynamic interaction of the correspondent energies.

The empty spaces generated by such combinations are described as very efficient operational fields of the forces emanating from the centeral point of the Yantra. That is why we can very often encounter representations of Mantras in such spaces.

Yantra and Mantra are complementary aspects of SHIVA and their use together is much more efficient than the use of one alone. At the basis of Yantra operation is something called "shape energy" or "form energy". In Yantra only the benefic and harmonious energies are used. Yantras are also used for more mundane purposes to enhance the quality of life, to attract prosperity and abundance, even love, to heal and relieve health problems, to protect oneself from negative forces etc.

Yantra is a very complex spiritual instrument in the tantric practice or Sadhana. It can calm and focus the activities of the mind and by its positive auto-suggestion it has a benefic impact on the health and psychic well being of a person. Mantra with respective Yantra will bring more effective results. In ancient texts, Lord Shiva is supposed to have explained the mystical meaning of the Yantra to his consort, Goddess Parvati: "The Yantra is as essential to a god as oil is to the oil lamp or as a body is to a living human being".

The Yantra is actually more powerful than a picture of a God which, to be energized, requires a Yantra to be affixed at its base or back. A Yantra always contains a Mantra associated with it.


Just as the mind is a part of, yet different from the body, so is the Mantra from the Yantra. The Mantra is the mind consciousness while the Yantra is the form of the deity. Anjna Agarwal at PM 1 comment: Links to this post. Labels: Different kinds of yantra , What is Yantra. Different Types of the Kaalsarpa Yoga 1.

Anant Kaalsarpa Yoga Rahu is in the 1st House and Ketu in the 7th house and the rest of the planets are left to this axis. This is also called Vipareeta Kalsarp Yog. This yog gives extra financial gains but it is bad for marital life gives late marriage, anxiety and inferiority complex. Kulik Kaalsarpa Yoga Rahu is posited 2nd house and Ketu in 8th house. This combination is bad for health.

The probability of losses and accidents is high in people with this combination. It is bad for financial prosperity leading to unstable financial reputation. Vasuki Kaalsarpa Yoga Rahu occupies 3rd house and Ketu in 9th house and the rest of the planets are located to the left of the Rahu Ketu axis. The person is burdened with problems relating to job or business, blood pressure, sudden death or losses borne because of relatives. The person gets trouble relating to workspace and has to go through stress and anxiety leading life with hardships. Sometimes the person afflicted has an illegitimate child or is an illegitimate child.

However this yog also has the power of conferring high political success and related gains. Padam Kaalsarpa Yoga Rahu occupies the 5th house and Ketu in 11th house this Yoga is formed indicating worries on account of children, difficulty in having progeny. If the moon is also afflicted then there is the possibility of being troubled by spirits.

In this case the illness recovery time is slow. One faces hindrances in education. There are also chances of being let down by friends in this case.


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The person has many enemies and has problems with attack of many general diseases. However if this yog acts beneficially it has the power to confer power and political success. The person has speculative tendencies and can lose wealth by wasting on liqour, women and gambling. There is marital discord in the life of the person.

The person is short tempered, has many enemies, looses ancestoral wealth, sexually transmitted diseases are more prone.. Such a person has affinity with the anti social elements. Shankhachood Kaalsarpa Yoga When Rahu is posited the 9th house and Ketu is posited in 3rd house this yoga operates. People with this yoga face many ups and downs in life. They speak lies and favour anti religious activities. They are also short tempered and have high blood pressure leading to anxiety. If this yoga operates positively it has the capacity to confer the highest forms of political powers. Otherwise litigation problems and punishment by law is possible for dissolute behaviour.

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The person travels frequently and is instable. Problems also arise from children or by imprisonment or strifes between brothers. However these persons find peace in the latter half of their life. Sheshnaag Kaalsarpa Yoga When Rahu is posited in 12th house and ketu is in 6th house this yoga arises. The person has problems relating to litigation, defeat and misfortune. Enemity rises and health problems affect specially the sensory organs.

Remember, the Kalsarp yoga is not the only combination in your chart. If you have other positive combinations yogas , there will have a positive impact and the negative effects of the Kalsarp yoga will be limited.

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Remedies of KaalSarpa Yoga. Persons having Kaal Sarpa Yoga should arrange for remedies so that lucky planets of the horoscope could render favorable results. Kaal Sarpa Yoga is not as horrible as it is painted to be. It can be remedied in most cases. Kaal Sarpa Yoga is an evil yoga like many other evil yogas but there may be nothing to worry about it since it does not hinder to raise the Many famous and successful people with Kaal Sarpa Yoga in their birth charts many of our National movement Leaders and also World's pouplar leaders. Kala Sarpa dosha is generally believed that one of the karmic dosha that may run across the generations.

The best example to the best of knowledge is Jawahar Lal Nehru's family that we witnessed. A combination of remedies can be followed to mitigate the evil effects of Kaalsarpa Yoga :. In Maharashtra it is done at Tryambakeshwar near Nasik. Establish energized Kaal Sarp Yantra in their house and worship it regularly.

Recite "Om Namah Shivay" daily. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day. Perform puja on NaagPanchmi 6. Wear a kalsarpa ring. Shaped like a snake.

Vyatipaat vaidhriti lakshanam , mahatvam

Recite daily Rahu Kavach, Stotra 8. Recite Nav Nag stotra daily for one year. Wear Nagpaash Yantra at an auspicious time after recitation of mantras. Donate agate, gold, lead, til sesame mustard, blue clothes etc. Perform abhishek for Lord Shiva on Pradosha days. Recite mantras of Lord Bhairon 1,25, times. Wash away a pair of snakes made of Iron or Bronze in a river.

Anjna Agarwal at PM 6 comments: Links to this post. Tuesday, August 10, Kaalsarpa Yoga. Kaalsarpa Yoga.