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Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. LeadLeftHand Member. Join Date: Feb Posts: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks Who can share their info with me about why this placement does so much good for physical appearances? Find all posts by LeadLeftHand.

Find all posts by virgo Horus Senior Member. Find all posts by Horus. Caro Senior Member. Re: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks I generally find sagi rising attractive but this is the energy that they give out. Find all posts by Caro. Join Date: Jan Posts: Find all posts by kakasya. Find all posts by astrologer Re: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks I have heard that these combinations can work in synastry so why not in a natal. Join Date: Jul Posts: Find all posts by sp1ca. Starchild Junior Member.

Quote: Originally Posted by LeadLeftHand Who can share their info with me about why this placement does so much good for physical appearances? Find all posts by Starchild Love2Know Senior Member.

The Great Year and the Age of Aquarius

Join Date: Oct Posts: 3, Find all posts by Love2Know. Blaze Senior Member. Find all posts by Blaze. LyP Senior Member. Join Date: Apr Posts: Re: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks I do not think, this ascendant give a long face, and a long face reminds me a horse, oh wait Find all posts by LyP. Slenkar Senior Member. Join Date: Mar Posts: Find all posts by Slenkar. Re: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks I wouldn't say always a long long face but it elongates the face.

Bunraku Senior Member. Find all posts by Bunraku. Julian Banned. Join Date: Sep Posts: Find all posts by Julian. Re: Sagittarius Ascendant and Good Looks Quote: Originally Posted by julian i am not a sagittarius rising, but i am a cancer rising therefore ruled by the moon and jupiter. Sagittarius rising produces a longer head than normal, or at least a narrower one, and often with a back-sloping forehead or a noticeable ridge at the brow.

Sometimes the head simply tapers from a wider forehead to a narrower chin in a V-shape like Virgo.

Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign - Universe Guide

The ears and lobes are long most often and this distinguishes them from Capricorn, which has little if any ear lobes. The distance from mouth to chin is often elongated. The eyes can be especially brilliant, sparkling or twinkling and the energy is close to the surface nearly all the time. They are of the tallest in the zodiac, and the most extroverted. Cancer Rising expresses the fundamental lunar instincts of caution and protectiveness. This means surrounding themselves with family or trusted friends in small groups of support. Very often cycles of the moon affect these people more than others.

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The basic personality is receptive, but hesitant, reticent, not wanting to embarrass or be embarrassed. They tend to withdraw from conflict unless there are strong contraindications in the chart. The Cancer rising face is generally rounded or oval shaped, but varies more depending on Sun sign and Moon position than other signs.

The 6th House

The mouth tends to be wide and there is a generally a feeling, sympathetic look to the face or a look of caution and hesitation. Join Date: May Posts: Find all posts by espi Posting Rules.

Similar Threads. Moon Conjunct the Ascendant. Calling all Vedic astrologers Composite chart for romance. Such kind of people can have great abilities of hypnosis, their penetrative look can easily mesmerize. This ability is enhanced when Neptune is supported by trines or sextiles from Jupiter , Pluto, the Sun or the Moon. The light of each of these planets is reflected by Neptune and projected to the outer world, granting even more power in their gaze. Neptune acts as a mystical mirror; other people can easily perceive him as having any of these planets in the first house.

Neptune is the planet of masquerade. No one can understand who exactly the person with Neptune in the 1st house is. Even more, the other people project themselves in the mirroring presence of such a native and tend to believe that he has the same characteristics as themselves. A paragraph about the protagonist can give you the exact vision of how Neptune functions when in the first house:. Neptune is by no means the most stable planet. Such a native might not have concrete aims for his life, thus acting unreliably and preferring roaming around without a reason or a structured plan. This does not mean he does not enjoy it; it can create a very happy bohemian, a bon viveur, a flaneur of life.

His life might be extremely interesting and full, yet without the stability that other people prefer to have around them. They usually have vivid dreams, many of which are prophetic. A lot of them can develop abilities of clairvoyance, however, with Neptune in the 1st house, these abilities might not be easily controlled and tamed. The planet is too misty to be fully understood, even astrologers have a hard time understanding its effects in a natal chart.

Their childhood was floating in fantasies and they usually build their own fantasy world around them. Natives with Neptune in the 1st house are often confused about their identity.

They have hard time establishing a self-definition; they actually do not care about it. Being fluid is something they like, and there are frequent changes in their personality. They are sponges with endless capacity, so their character is constantly evolving to something different. They will have a lot of spiritual experiences in their life, and many unexplained things will happen to them.